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Notice to readers

You are advised to bear in mind the following before responding to advertisers:

  • Bona fide auditions never charge to attend.
  • If you decide to work abroad, contact Equity before you do so. The Union is there to advise performers and protect their interests.
  • Don't pay money up front for anything unless you've weighed up the risks.
  • Even if you pay to sign up with a casting agency, remember that work is never guaranteed and some agencies have few clients.
  • Don't complain if photos, tapes or showreels submitted to an advertiser aren't returned - these are your promotional tools and you must expect to provide them.
  • Open auditions can be very crowded - you might have to queue for a popular one and get very little time to perform. Don't go in the first place if you can't accept this.
  • Don't go to a non-business address on your own for a meeting or audition. If you must, tell someone where you are going.
  • Be wary of promises of work and stardom: you will usually be disappointed.
  • The Stage takes care to ensure that bogus or misleading copy is not carried, however it is impossible to vet every advertiser.

Should you have concerns about an advertisement you have seen or responded to, please write to:

The Advertising Department
The Stage Media Company Limited
47 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3XT

or email .

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